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Yeah...had an experiment like that in High School, so I'm used to the
idea....I keep a good eye on it...

My High School thing was trying to create a simple yeast product.

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> As far as uncorking causing problems, wouldn't half-untwisting a cap
> minimize the problems?  Just enough for co2 to get out....then re-twist.
> Obviously, it's not as rigorous as a lab would require, but it might
> work...and, again, a batch it didn't work on might be detectable by
> flavor... > > >  >> > >
> Should not be too much risk of allowing infrections in, it the bottle and
> cap were sanitized at the outset.  The challenge will be avoiding ruptures
> at the outset of primary fermentation.  If you are there when it starts up,
> you can be fine.  If you get one of those bathces that kicks into high gear
> while you're in bed, and goes like a runaway train, then you could get a
> bottle bomb before you are able to release the pressure.  Not saying it's a
> dead level guarantee, but is a risk of some sort.
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