[Sca-cooks] tajine?

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Thu Jun 26 15:48:30 PDT 2008

>Very nice recipe, but what she mean here: "Precede with an array of
>Moroccan salads". What is a Moroccan salad? A special salad from

Salad doesn't just mean lettuce.

"The majority of Moroccan salads are not served raw. They are most often cooked mixtures of vegetables that can be eaten with a fork or as a dip".

"A fresh, cool salad is often served at the start of a meal. Among the most commonly served are a tomato and green pepper salad (similar to the Spanish gazpacho), a mixed herb salad, eggplant salad or a salad redolent with oranges, which the Moroccans grow in large quantity".

Here are some others:
http://www.maroque.co.uk/printme.aspx?id=24 Grilled aubergines in honey and harissa
http://www.maroque.co.uk/printme.aspx?id=31 Dried broad bean dip (broad beans are favas)
http://www.maroque.co.uk/printme.aspx?id=22 Carrot and orange salad
http://www.maroque.co.uk/printme.aspx?id=33 giant couscous salad
http://www.africa.upenn.edu/Cookbook/Morocco.html#BATINJAAN%20ZALUD 		Eggplant Salad
http://www.moroccan-recipes.com/Moroccan-Eggplant-Salad.html Eggplant Salad
http://www.moroccan-recipes.com/Moroccan-Carrot-Salad.html Carrot Salad
http://www.thegutsygourmet.net/af-carrotsalad.html CARROT SALAD

Google found plenty more. As Amra said, recipes for tapas or meze wouldn't be too far off.  Melon would work too.


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