[Sca-cooks] tajine?

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Fri Jun 27 18:18:37 PDT 2008

Ana Valdes wrote:
>So generous of all of you helping me!! The woman coming to my house is
>one of the wealthiest woman in the world, related to the Ikea family.
>It means she is used to the best gourmet food available. When I
>visited her in her huge London house she invited me with nice Lebanese
>treats, tabbuleh, baba ganoush, etc. That's because I wanted to
>reciprocate her with food in the same topic. And since I have the
>beautiful tajine in clay I bought in Tanger, Maroccan food come to my

Good luck with your meal!

>By the way, do anyone know if I must soak the tajine in water for a
>few hours before I use it? I have not used it a lot.

Depends on what it's made of. I've seen tajines unglazed clay, glazed 
on one side only, and fully glazed clay, as well as enameled metal 
(ok, the last is not Moroccan, it's made by Le Creuset).

I'm looking in my books to see what they say. When is this dinner? 
I'm sure you said, but i forgot.
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