[Sca-cooks] Giving up smoking

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Fri Jun 27 18:21:08 PDT 2008

lots of you wrote and Susan Fox too:
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Dear Suey:
> I think I speak for many of us on this list when I say, we're proud of you.  Quitting a vicious addiction like this is one of the hardest things you will ever face, but you are saving your own life.  And food will taste so much better!  [Obligatory cooking content.]
> If you need hugs or cheerleaders, just ask, okay?  
> With cheers and hugs from Los Angeles,
> Selene 

Olwen wrote:

So Suey, it sounds like you have made a hard but good decision.  It's true, we are all here with lots of hugs and support from afar.  I hope things calm down.  I do wonder though why you are loosing your hair.  I have never heard of that as a side effect.  It makes me think that is a result of stress.  Take it easy on yourself.  Here in america there are several tv commercials dealing with this.  Some are pretty silly like someone trying to figure out how to unlock their car, turn it on and eventually back out of the driveway (while hitting the mail box) and the voice-over says something like 'if you can figure out how to drive without smoking you can do anything without smoking'. - Yeah man I know -

Thank you so much Owen, Johnna et al, I love you all. Thank you all for all your efforts to give me courage. I am very stressed because I was hospitalized when my kidneys stopped functioning. My husband got me to the hospital at 4 am, 2 minutes before they shut down and I went into shock. Without him I would have died.
You know at the end of the day all I want to say is 'hay my love, how can I return all the love you give me?' Yeah that's my fight in life to give up smoking for him to do anything he would like, to let him know he is my most special love. Thank you all for all your contiuting support. It is so difficult for me every morning when I awake and want to smoke one cigarette.

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