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Constanza wrote:
>Here in the Barony of Dragonsspine (Colorado Springs, CO) we don't have any
>strictly cooking competitions.  Cooking gets lumped in with A&S as part of the
>"Domestic" category so my comments address how we did our last A&S comp.
>Back in September, we held our Champions competition.  It is really kind of
>misnamed because there was so much other A&S happening.  There were three
>levels to choose from:
>Display only - You could just put your project out for others to sample.  No
>documentation was required.  It's a chance to show off what you are learning,
>without the stress of being judged.
>Novice competition - Open to anyone who has been doing an art or science for
>less than 2 years.  Minimal documentation was required.
>Champions competition - Graded on kingdom standard judging forms.  Full
>documentation was required.  Expect stiff judging and strong critique.


I am always astonished to hear about this sort of thing.

In the West we have one Arts competition and one Sciences competition 
and one cooking competition at the Kingdom level at all three 
Tourneys and all three Coronations, and at Principality Coronet 
Tourneys and Principality Investitures - two Coronets and two 
Investitures in the Mists and Cynagua - although i think in the 
Principality of Oertha (that's Alaska) each Tourney and Investiture 
are folded into one. The only time it's different is at our "Kingdom 
A&S Tourney", a weekend of camping and classes, there are usually 
something like 8 A&S competitions and no cooking competition.

We have no graded competitions... well, ok, now we have the Linen Spoon.

As you've all already heard me whining, we're lucky when we get a 
full 3 entries in an Arts or Sciences competition. The cooking 
competitions usually do better than the A&S competitions in terms of 
number of entries, but not always - 2 entries at Kingdom Beltane, 
zero entries at Mists Fall Coronet.

I've recently become the Sciences minister for the Mists 
Principality. I've got all sorts of ideas i'd like to share with the 
new Arts minister who steps up in a couple weeks. I have gotten 
support from the Principality Seneschal, a Laurel, and the Kingdom 
A&S ministers. I have ideas to have competitions on two levels of 
expertise, more displays, classes at events, various special things 
at our two Coronets, a Principality level collegium something like an 
artisans' "village/demo" with participation on several levels by 
attendees; and to bring dance and music out of the sidelines and into 
the middle of things, etc.

At Mists Fall Coronet, my first competition was for "a small wooden 
object - a bowl, a comb, a box, a game board, something else..." and 
there was ONE entry.

I'm still looking for more ways to stimulate and support the Arts and 
Sciences in the Principality. What is the key to getting people to 
Urtatim (that's err-tah-TEEM)
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