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Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
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Daniel proclaimed:
<<< Was written:

I'm still looking for more ways to stimulate and support the Arts and
Sciences in the Principality. What is the key to getting people to

My response:

The first thing to do is to get the Laurelate to care.  If they care and
encourage thier apprentices to care...
If they make it clear that any apprentices they intend to consider  
need to show their talents through entries at A/S...
If they sponsor a Laurel's prize....

One way to force the issue is for the Crown to require that anyone  
in the Coronet list either has entry of thier own, thier consort has an
entry or failing that they sponsor an entry in the A/S immediately  
prior to
the list. >>>

I think Urtatim was talking about increasing support for Arts and  
Sciences, not specifically Arts and Sciences *competitions*.

I'm not that certain that Arts and Sciences competitions increase the  
interest among the common folk in Arts and Sciences. They give some  
visibility, but I'd prefer to see more emphasis on practical, useable  
objects rather museum art.  I got into pewter casting not to make art  
pieces but because I was tired of the easily forgotten strips or  
ribbon and beads used as site tokens.  I made my wheelbarrows to have  
something to haul things around event sites, not as art pieces for a  
competition. Well, and because after seeing an article in TI about  
making a wheelbarrow, I figured I could make a better, more accurate  

I do think it is nice when there are requirements for Crown that push  
for a more-rounded couple than that one of them is simply good at  
hitting others with a stick.

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