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Sun Nov 2 12:59:31 PST 2008

Stefan wrote:
>I think Urtatim was talking about increasing support for Arts and
>Sciences, not specifically Arts and Sciences *competitions*.

Indeed, 'tis true, Stefan.

>I'm not that certain that Arts and Sciences competitions increase the
>interest among the common folk in Arts and Sciences.

Ah, yup.

I do not think that competitions are the best way of increasing 
interest and participation in the Arts and Sciences. I have met a few 
*highly* competitive people in the SCA who are motivated to enter 
many competitions, and i say, more power to 'em.

But i think they do not represent the majority of SCAdians.

>They give some
>visibility, but I'd prefer to see more emphasis on practical, useable
>objects rather museum art.
(SNIP Stefan's admirable projects)

Well, when i've entered a competition, it has usually been in an area 
i was already interested in pursuing, and for things that i could 
actually use, not something to sit on a shelf.

Of course, my orientation is to Arabic/Persian/Turkic influenced 
cultures - some of which were in Medieval Europe - so competitions on 
16th c. English non-food items is not of particular interest to me.

>I do think it is nice when there are requirements for Crown that push
>for a more-rounded couple than that one of them is simply good at
>hitting others with a stick.

Now, i actually think it's a good idea. But, uh, mmm, isn't that a 
bit like one of the SCA off-shoots? (i forget which one)
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