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Sun Nov 2 15:23:27 PST 2008

On Sun, 2 Nov 2008, Lilinah wrote:

> Stefan wrote:
>> I think Urtatim was talking about increasing support for Arts and
>> Sciences, not specifically Arts and Sciences *competitions*.
> Indeed, 'tis true, Stefan.
>> I'm not that certain that Arts and Sciences competitions increase the
>> interest among the common folk in Arts and Sciences.
> Ah, yup.
> I do not think that competitions are the best way of increasing interest and 
> participation in the Arts and Sciences. I have met a few *highly* competitive 
> people in the SCA who are motivated to enter many competitions, and i say, 
> more power to 'em.
> But i think they do not represent the majority of SCAdians.

Inspiration, not competition, is what's needed here.
>> They give some
>> visibility, but I'd prefer to see more emphasis on practical, useable
>> objects rather museum art.
> (SNIP Stefan's admirable projects)
> Well, when i've entered a competition, it has usually been in an area i was 
> already interested in pursuing, and for things that i could actually use, not 
> something to sit on a shelf.
> Of course, my orientation is to Arabic/Persian/Turkic influenced cultures - 
> some of which were in Medieval Europe - so competitions on 16th c. English 
> non-food items is not of particular interest to me.

Come to Northshield, we'll fit you in. ;-)
>> I do think it is nice when there are requirements for Crown that push
>> for a more-rounded couple than that one of them is simply good at
>> hitting others with a stick.
> Now, i actually think it's a good idea. But, uh, mmm, isn't that a bit like 
> one of the SCA off-shoots? (i forget which one)

Acre, I think, has one crown by fighting and one crown by A&S, IIRC.

But an A&S component is fairly common for Crown tournament (and before it, 
Coronet) here in Northshield. This most recent Crown required that the 
couple present something A&S-y to the Crown and populace, for instance, 
and that didn't appear to be considered an outrageous requirement. But 
Northshield tends to be a fairly art-heavy kingdom, as these things go, 
and for us it's a little odd to have a Crown where one or both *don't* do 

Here, if there isn't an A&S *competition* at an event (usually a populace 
bean count sort of thing), there's almost always a *display* (and on the 
very rare occasions where one wasn't planned, one happens anyway). So I'm 
not entirely sure what one does to foster more interest in the arts and 
sciences when there isn't much. Maybe the Crown/Coronet needs to put an 
emphasis on cool stuff, and the doing of cool stuff, and recognition of 
the doing of cool stuff. Not necessarily an official in-court thing, but 
as They are walking around, noticing that Lady X has a particularly spiffy 
gown on and mentioning it to her that They noticed, and possibly giving a 
token, or something along those lines. And get the other Peerages onboard, 
too. Warm fuzzies can be a wonderful motivation.

But that's my 2 pennies, FWIW.


Margaret FitzWilliam of Kent

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