[Sca-cooks] historic accuracy

Kathleen Madsen kmadsen12000 at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 2 17:33:00 PST 2008

> I make cheese.  I could access Raw milk to make it.  That
> is
> $6/gallon.  Store milk is $2.50/gallon.  I CHOOSE to use
> the store
> milk as this is my hobby.  The last thing I entered I used
> 14 gallons
> of milk.  That's a lot of milkmoney.  I did do a test
> run of 2 gallons
> of Raw and then discussed bits in my documentation though.

Ah, but right there's the difference.  You actually did discuss in your documentation what the proper breed would be in that time/place, what the composition of the milk would have been compared to what you did use, and then you corrected your milk to make the correct ratio of milk fat to fluid milk.  Plus, you tested with raw Jersey which allows you to compare the seasonality/terroir of that grass fed cow's fluid milk to the bulk fluid milk sold in supermarkets.  There's a big difference both in flavor and how it responds to the cheesemaking process.

> I think it is more important to *understand* the
> differences between
> now & then and be able to speak about it than use
> identical.  We can't
> use identical.  Not unless you have a tardis lying around.
> Vitha
> (back to lurking)

Your Gouda was fab, by the way.  


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