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Urtatim writes:

> I'm still looking for more ways to stimulate and support the Arts and 
> Sciences in the Principality. What is the key to getting people to 
> *care*?
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I think part of getting people to care is getting the leadership at the local 
level to care.  

Our seneschal is a knight, as is our baron.  They both like the stick jock 
thing, but they are both old school knights and believe that a knight should 
know something of A&S and something of service, too.  Our seneschal recently 
encouraged all the younger fighters to go to dance practice!  He is fond of saying 
that people lead by doing.

We used to have all of our champion competitions on the same day.  Our 
baroness, with the complete support of the baron and the seneschal, split it 
out--martial one event and A&S/bardic another event.  Last year, she decreed that she 
wanted people to display even if they didn't wish to compete so that everyone 
in the barony could see what our artisans were doing.  This year, we had the 
display again but also added the Novice competition, like I posted before.

Two years in a row, we have packed the facility that was chosen for the 
event, because our group knows that HE Lydia is serious about wanting to see what 
people are doing.  Both she and the baron take the time to talk to and 
acknowledge everyone's efforts.  That has sparked interest in A&S here.  Since it is 
its own event-whether competing or not-the emphasis is on A&S.  If the fighters 
want to play, they have to come up with an A&S related class like Historical 
Combat studies.  One year, one of the knights did a class on armouring.  This 
year, we had an archer teach string making.

Constanza Marina de Huelva

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