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Sun Nov 2 19:27:31 PST 2008

Daniel wrote:
>  One way to force the issue is for the Crown to require that anyone
>  fighting in the Coronet list either has entry of their own, their consort
>  has an entry or failing that they sponsor an entry in the A/S immediately 
>  prior to the list.

And i replied:
>Now, i actually think it's a good idea. But, uh, mmm, isn't that a
>bit like one of the SCA off-shoots? (i forget which one)

And Mordonna commented:
>Hmmm, just because someone else has a good idea first doesn't mean 
>we can't use it.? Should we stop having Kings and Queens because 
>they have Kings and Queens??
>I don't think that is a valid arguement against requiring aspirants 
>to demonstrate that they are well rounded, and not just beauty 
>queens and stick jocks.

I don't think anyone said we shouldn't give it a try somewhere in the 
SCA :-) I'm just not certain how well received it would be at the 
Kingdom, or even the Principality, level...

But our soon-to-be Princess is involved in the arts, and once she 
steps up, i'm going to see if i can get her to support some of my 
ideas. Even if we can't get our P&P that way, maybe we can have a 
Princess's Champion and Consort that way...  heh, heh, heh...
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