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Thu Nov 6 13:59:49 PST 2008

Not regionally American, but in the region of my kitchen, i mix:

Equal parts
* Japanese soy sauce
* mirin
* wine vinegar (red or white) or rice vinegar (but that tends to be 
too mild in this setting)

Then stir in the rest - they are in order of quantity - definitely 
more chili than sugar

* sambal oelek (Indonesian chili paste made of nothing but fresh red chilis)
-- There's a Vietnamese chili-garlic paste that would work well.
-- And failing sambal oelek, one could use Thai shriracha, but it's 
not quite a punchy.
* brown sugar
* smashed fresh garlic
* a couple drops of liquid smoke

Sometimes i add a little - just a little dab - of ketchup, just to 
thicken it up a little so it sticks to the meat better.

I've never added mustard, but that ought to be good - in which case 
it would be some sort of *real* mustard, and not that bright yellow 
"French's" stuff that i can eat straight out of the jar with a spoon. 
I tend to buy Dijon mustard, or mustard with horseradish, or with 
wasabi, or with jalapenos, or some combination of two out of the 

Anyway, i use this on pork ribs. I bake them until just barely 
tender, not really quite done, on a rack over about an inch of water, 
which usually evaporates most of the way, leaving nice drippings. 
Then i start basting with this sauce, turning the rack of ribs over 
so i can get both sides, until the outside is crispy and the meat 
almost falling off the bone.
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