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Georgian-style barbeque sounds yummy.  Actually, it all sounds yummy to me, 
Yankee-roots and NW Mountain State bones that I've got.  No true, 
traditional "barbeque" in my family background, except for one, kosher, 
barbeque sauce recipe that my mom got from a Jewish college chum of hers, in 
the 50s.  It's thin, but very good--sort of hits the middle between 
Speaking of regional dishes, I'm trying a chili recipe in the crockpot 
tomorrow that a TX friend swears is fairly close to "true" TX chili.  I 
can't *beLIEVE* I'm actually going to make chili without beans in it.....

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> Most of the barbeque around here has become kind of homogenized.  We do
> occasionally see a place that serves North Carolina style barbeque, which 
> is
> vinegar based.  But it is still different from the Georgia style barbeque
> that I learned how to make from my grandfather.  Essentially, you take a
> pork roast and cook it with a little salt and pepper until it is tender
> enough to be shredded with a fork.  Take the pan juices, add cider 
> vinegar,
> butter, black pepper and a little lemon juice in a sauce pan and bring to 
> a
> boil.  Shred the pork, put into a baking dish and pour the sauce over it.
> Cut a lemon into a spiral (or two depending on how much pork you have and
> the size of the baking dish), and brown in the oven.  Pretty simple, but
> VERY good.  I can still hear my grandmother fussing at Grandpa about 
> putting
> too much pepper into the mix and making it too hot!

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