[Sca-cooks] Barbeque sauce

Barbara Benson voxeight at gmail.com
Sat Nov 8 05:16:10 PST 2008


I found the following when I was working on Rumpoldt and it appeared
to me to be the closest thing to what I know of BBQ that I have seen:

>From Pig Wild caught
27. Ungerische Braten an einem haßlen Spieß gebraten/ sonderlich die
Ruckbraten/ mit Salk und Knobloch gerieben/ darnach mit dem Spieß in
Rauch gehenckt/ unnd ein stundt oder zwo hengen lassen/ geschwindt
hinweg gebraten/ und zum ersten gang auff die Bruh gelegt.

27. Hungarian Roast on a Hazel Spit Roasted/ especially the Back
Roast/ with salt and garlic rubbed/ thereafter with the Spit hung in
smoke/ and let it hang for an hour or two/ roasted on a high heat /
and for the first course arrange it with broth.

My understanding of BBQ being defined by 1) a rub 2) being hung in a
smoke environment and 3) PORK. This appears to be smoked for a couple
of hours and the roasted at a heat higher than what one would desire
for BBQ, but it is with a Pork Loin, so there would be less connective
tissue and less need for the long, low cooking.

My .02


> Bear> If I were looking for a European ancestor to barbecue, I'd try this little
> recipe from Harleian MS 279:
> To make Steyks of venson or bef. Take Venyson or Bef, & leche & gredyl it up
> broun; then take Vynegre & a litel verious, & a lytil Wyne, and put pouder
> perpir ther-on y-now, and pouder Gyngere; and atte the dressoure straw on
> pouder Canelle y-now, that the steyks be al y-helid ther-wyth, and but a
> litel Sawce; & then serue it forth.

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