[Sca-cooks] *Sigh* That tomato thing - again

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Sun Nov 9 21:42:41 PST 2008

<<< One reason we put the article together is to help with just these  
sorts of questions. It's also at

Johnnae >>>
  To which Hrothny answered:

<<< ARG!

It appears that page is no longer working. Has it been moved? >>>

  If this is the article I think it is, it is also available in the  
FOOD-VEGETABLES section of the Florilegium as:

16C-Tomato-art    (16K)  9/ 5/02    "Sixteenth Century Italian and  
                                        Tomato References" by Johnnae  
llyn Lewis,
                                        Helewyse de Birkestad, and  
Brighid ni

For those interested in tomotoes, perhaps these other files might  
also be of interest:
tomato-hist-art   (18K)  2/ 1/99    "You say tomato I say Xitomatl"  
by Lord
                                        Xaviar the Eccentric.
Tomatoes-art      (22K) 10/15/06    "Love, Death or Mere Curiosity?  
The Tomato
                                        in Renaissance Europe" by  
Mistress Renata
                                        Kestryl of Highwynds
tomatoes-msg      (34K)  1/17/05    Tomatoes in period.

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