[Sca-cooks] Display was A&S ENTRIES

Daniel & Elizabeth Phelps dephelps at embarqmail.com
Mon Nov 10 21:21:21 PST 2008

Was written:

Okay, but I often heard suggestions about putting A&S food entries
onto fancy plates, perhaps in an intricate place setting with other
food items and wine and so forth, even if the one item is all that is
being judged, and not the entire place setting.

So if all we are judging, why not just place it on a plain plate?
And I've seen other A&S entries in other areas with all this extra as
well, so it isn't only something suggested for food items. So whether
Daniel was being snarky or not, I think he brings up a good question.
Should all this extra stuff even be in an A&S display, and if it
should be, how much is too much?  And is it truly the entry item
being judged or is it the entire display?

My response:

It my contention whether we admit it or not tis all display.   We judge the 
picture with frame that surrounds it.  It is how we think and how we are. 
We gild the lily without realizing we do.  It is only noticed when it is 
exaggerated.   I asked the judges to judge the hole and not the plank that 
surrounded it.  They laughted and thought it a fine jest.


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