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Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Sun Nov 9 20:48:51 PST 2008

Daniel suggested:

<<< Nice granite stones; i.e. beach cobbles, that is what I would use  
than bricks.  The snarky judges of my experience just might take off  
if you
failed to document bricks, their manufacture and why you used modern  
rather than making some in period fashion just for the purpose.  >>>

And in a later message explains:
<<< Well I was speaking about what is done rather than what should be  
done, i.e.
from the view of "The Prince" rather than "On Politics" (Aristotle).   
and I was being a bit snarky myself.  I provide a more moderate  
analysis of
judging philosophy in my article in the Flori...>>>

Okay, but I often heard suggestions about putting A&S food entries  
onto fancy plates, perhaps in an intricate place setting with other  
food items and wine and so forth, even if the one item is all that is  
being judged, and not the entire place setting.

So if all we are judging, why not just place it on a plain plate?   
And I've seen other A&S entries in other areas with all this extra as  
well, so it isn't only something suggested for food items. So whether  
Daniel was being snarky or not, I think he brings up a good question.  
Should all this extra stuff even be in an A&S display, and if it  
should be, how much is too much?  And is it truly the entry item  
being judged or is it the entire display?


PS: And if anyone has documentation on period bricks, I'd love to  
consider it for the Flori. . . er, ah, the Florilegium.
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