[Sca-cooks] need to draw on your experience

Susanne Mayer susanne.mayer5 at chello.at
Thu Nov 13 04:33:34 PST 2008

Greetings to all,

I need to draw on your experiences as cooks, event organizers and fellow 

We mulled over ideas for novel events in our shires and for several years 
now we are tossing around the idea of a cook out/ museum expediton:

Here are my ideas:
arrival Friday, get together, discusion, Museum booklet handout, ...

Saturday cook out:
Held in a school with an industrial kitchen so all who want to cook their 
pet period recipe have space enough to do so. All dishes will be eaten as 
expanded event lunch by the cooks and the other participants.
I do not want to set a theme as the broad range of what was eaten in the SCA 
period is what I would like to see here: 600-1600 and the missive "all lands 
having contact to europe at that time" leaves you with a lot of traditions 
to draw  from.
I would only ask for categories so you will not have 20 different egg 
appetizers or a sweet dessert lunch only.

Food stuff will be bought in the morning by all cooks hitting the various 
markets with local guides.
Non-cooks can either hit the city, go on our popular textile shopping spree 
or help and carry all the food the cooks buy. ;-)  or we will find members 
to give classes, etc...
These kitchens have the basic tools to work as they are educational 
institutions, special equipment will be provided by local people if possible 
(I alone have about 5 mortars in 3 different materials).
A sortiment of medieval spices will also be provided before hand.
Each dish does not need to feed all participants but must be sufficent for 
all to taste. (will have to be determined as soon as number of atendees and 
recipies are known).
The fee will have to be split into sleeping fee (in Vienna hostels, idealy 
also sleeping in the scholl will be possible, ....) and food fee which will 
be used to buy all necessary food stuff.

The evening program will be MUSEUM from 18:00 pm to 1:00 am in the mornig in 
groups or alone, as every one preferes.
We wanted to combine the cooking event with the very popular "long night of 
museums" as Vienna has 90+ museums to visit with one ticket troughout the 
A lot of them of interesst to SCAdians and some even have cooking themed 
events that night.


to name just a few:
Globe museum
Kunsthistorische Museum
Austrian Museum of applied art (Tapestries, glas, lace,.., tableware)
Neidhard Fresken (the only profan ballroom to survive from the 12th cent.)
New Imperial palace (Armour, musical instruments, historical fighting 
Museum of Pharmacy and chemists
the new roman museum (had a food related theme this year)
Treasury of the Teutonic order
Vienna Historic museum
museum of military history (historical fighting demonstrations)

Sunday: people will leave as soon as they are ready (depending on sleeping 
aranngements) or lenghten stay with local people or visit additional sites 
assisted by local people.

So I would realy like to hear your opinion and has someone made such an 
event already?

best regards


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