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Thu Nov 13 13:58:09 PST 2008

Sorry Stefan I was out of contact for the last week.
I was referring to the descriptions of extracts and flavorings as per the  
FDA packaging laws and the Pharmaceutical Technicians common rules of  practice.
Found some other references:
_What  is the difference between artificial and natural flavors?: Scientific  
_Watkins  Extracts And Flavorings_ 
(http://www.associatemelody.com/watkins-products/extracts-flavorings.html)  .
The lecture I was referring to was the quality, quantity and grades of  Maple 
syrup and how it was made when you visited the maple tree areas in Vermont  
and saw them making maple syrup. When I was a kid we referred to the trip as  
As for "anyone else"  I thought it was referring to the readers of the  list.
And "we" is all us folks here at the Marsh.
Sorry - sometimes I write in the third party and forget to change my  tenses.

In a message dated 11/5/2008 9:00:55 P.M. Pacific Standard Time,  
StefanliRous at austin.rr.com writes:

Mora  mentioned:

<<< Maple Flavoring should mean it is artificially  made. Maple  
extract should
mean come from the trees and boiled  down to a syrup consistency. Then  
for the extract or  pure maple extract. Does anyone else remember the   
we  got at the maple tree farm before we went a mapling?  >>>

Who is "anyone else" and "we"?  Where was this  lecture and maple tree  
farm? Sounds interesting. I've read an  interesting book on Maple  
sugar and syrup, but I've seldom had any  and never seen it produced.  
About the only time I've had a chance to  sample multiple varieties at  
one time was at Pennsic.

Of  course I've seldom seen this stuff you all call "snow" either,   
although I've made the period stuff.  :-)

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