[Sca-cooks] spreading of eating customs and dishes, was BBQ

Susanne Mayer susanne.mayer5 at chello.at
Fri Nov 14 01:24:30 PST 2008

> Lol. American-style bbq chicken wings using an Mexican/southwest US/
> Asian or Indian/Asian spice mix, grilled in Austria.
> I love it.
> Stefan
> ======
> Mark S. Harris

Not all food coming from the US is "evil" Fast Food, the American Cuisine is 
a wonderful melting pot of quite a lot of cultures. Mixing Old and New World 
to create a unique styles for the different regions of the state.

The same happened here in Austria in the Habsburgian empire as food 
traditions from all over the empire where transported to Vienna and the 
border lands where influenced by their neighbours.

Some of the now typical Austrian dishes are originaly either from Bohemia or 
Hungary  or even as far as Turkey:
Yeast dumpilgs with Powidl (plum preserve). Goulash, which stared as 
Poerkelt (with lots of sweet red bellpepper powder.  Bell Peppers and Chilis 
being a  vegetable that realy won over the Hungarians in the 17/18 cent.). 
And the famous Strudel, stemmig from simmilar dishes made in the near east, 
arrived in Vienna with traverlers from the east.
The same goes for coffee, both are just within the SCA period but as early 
as 1600 only as curiosity, Coffee for herbalist (mentioned in a 1582 
published, travel diary by Leonhart Rauwolf(f) ) and I have seen a hand 
written cookbook from the early 17th cent mentioning a Strudel.  From the 
turkish siege on in 1683 the culinary revolution is monumental as the new 
world vegetbels and coffe, tea and chocolade start to appear widespread and 
prohibition could stop their Triumph march throughout Europe.




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