[Sca-cooks] Who gets in free to feasts.

Terri Morgan online2much at cox.net
Sun Nov 16 20:35:14 PST 2008

> Here in Atlantia, we were required to write into
> our local rules/law who gets comped, and it must
> include at least the King and Queen and any guests
> they invite to sit at High Table (if they haven't
> already paid for the feast).  

Well, not *required* so much as "strongly suggested if you want that
particular King and Queen to attend your event". Our local group does not
have that in their rules - we comp the Autocrat, Feast cook, Royals (K&Q,
P&P), and the sitting B&B.

We do it the old-fashioned way... if someone declines an invitation to sit
at High Table because they weren't going to be onboard, we generally end up
having a few of us vying for the privilege of paying for their meal as our
guest. Competition can get pretty (politely) stiff in that Chip and Dale
"after you/no after you/ no I insist, you go first" sort of way.


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