[Sca-cooks] Who gets in free to feasts

Gretchen Beck grm at andrew.cmu.edu
Fri Nov 14 13:42:57 PST 2008

--On Friday, November 14, 2008 4:34 PM -0500 Elise Fleming
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>> I think that's it's pretty terrible that royals' last-minute guests are 
>> higher on the comp pecking order than *COOKS*.
> I?m not expressing an opinion one way or the other, but remember that we
> are re-creating ?medieval? times where royalty and their guests/friends
> ranked higher than those who labored in the kitchens.  We often put our
> modern sensibilites into the medieval atmosphere we say we are
> re-creating. We want nobles, dukes and kings, but then we say that they
> aren?t any better than anyone else... :-)

The other question (to get to the medieval end) is are we really comping
folks who get "first crack at anything that comes back to the kitchen"?
Certainly they should not be expected to pay for it, but it's not exactly a
comp either. It's a very medieval way to do it -- the nobles eat first, the
servants get the leftovers, the poor get what the servants don't eat. On
the modern end, I don't see it as a comp if the choice is either throw it
away, or put it out in bags for anyone to take home.

toodles, margaret

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