[Sca-cooks] Who gets in free to feasts.

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It wouldn't be, but in my barony, we purchase materials for the scribes to 
Our baronial policy is to comp seated barons and baronesses, and any seated 
royals in attendance.  By tradition, the "main" people in charge of the 
event (generally, just the event steward and head cook) are also comped. 
Entourage and various forms of landless white trash (which is an actual 
endearment used in the kingdom to refer to past baronage and court baronage) 
are on their own.  If someone who'd normally be comped insists on paying, we 
do, of course, bow to their preferences.
We are, for the record, *quite* a small barony (maybe 35-40 sustaining 
members?).  Although I quite understand that one kingdom's treasured (or at 
least, tacitly accepted) tradition is another kingdom's primo example of 
WTF?, I agree with Antonia....I think it just plain *sucks* that the people 
who are working to put on the event are being told, essentially, that they 
also have to pay for the privilege!
--Maire, who'd be comping her cooks on her own if she had to....

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> How different is that from the fact that the scribes do not
> get any compensation for the cost of the materials they use
> to create an award scroll?

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