[Sca-cooks] Who gets in free to feasts.

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One of Artemisia's very fine scribes (and our current Kingdom A&S Champion), 
Mistress Carol, actually volunteered to do one of my peerage scrolls, as 
I've been one for over 16 years and never gotten anything--I don't even have 
a promissory for my Pel.  What I'm working on is a sort of fair-trade 
arrangement, in which I'll make her something of value, using *my* laurel 
skills (primarily 16th century needlework).  That way, we both get to play 
with our favorite materials, and we both benefit, although I will assert 
that the benefit leans more heavily towards me, because of her kindness and 
--Maire, who's wondering if she could just combine the two peerages on one 
scroll....hmmmm.....(I don't have a lot of wall-room.  It's mostly bookcases 
and windows)

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>   however, peerage level do tend to be request-a-scribe on
> the recipient's part or a scribe really wants to do the
> scroll for a buddy/student.
> we do sometimes auction final scrolls by a certain scribe
> as fundraiser material.
> i have been paid for some contractual, other high levels i
> did for friendship, and have 'given away' hundreds of
> dollars of artwork/supplies in my day.
> but then, i have been sitting down when i did it. ;)
> cailte

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