[Sca-cooks] Another mustardy question.

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Mon Nov 17 10:53:03 PST 2008

As it looks it is cooked pears in a msutard sauce and a simple mustrad 

Most, can be made fom grapes, apples and pear or even a mix form apple and 
pear. Sweet
Most is just slightly alcoholic (between 1% and  4% for  fermented grape 
juce, the less alcohol the sweeter it is). Rumpold probably  used  slightly 
fermented grape juice as Most from apples and pears started to appear in 
better quality very late in the 16th cent (after 1570).
The first apple  and pear most was made from wild fruit and bitter and sour 
and probably only drunk by the farmers producing it.
Cider is simmilar to fully fermented apple or pear Most (about 6% Alcohol), 
but the longer fermentation means less sugar so it is not sweet anymore.
The name Mostrich does probably stemm from grape most (the romans new it as 

hope that helps,

btw is there a full version from the german rumpold text on the net than the 
pages by Gloning? I also found the translation project by M. Grasse?

Regards Katharina

Drachenwald/ Vienna / Austria

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>>My question is whether this is one mustard recipe or two, because it could 
>>in theory be either.
> I think it is two recipes.  When I made it for my feast last year, I took 
> the first recipe as a pear mustard, but looking at it again, I wonder if 
> it should be pears in mustard sauce.
> You translated "Most" as cider syrup, while I translated it as grape 
> juice.  The dictionary says unfermented fruit juice, must (for wine), and 
> that "Apfelmost" is cider.   I'm not sure which is more correct.
> Ranvaig
> Zugeh?rung 10. Seudt Birne in suessem Most / thu sie au? auf ein saubers 
> Bret / und lass kalt werden / lass den Most weiter sideden / biss er dick 
> wirt / lass jn darnach kalt werden / streichs mit braunem Senf durch / thu 
> alsdenn die gesottenen Birne darein / so wirt es gut und wohl geschmack. 
> Wiltu aber ein guten Senf haben / so stoss Aniss und Coriander 
> durcheinander / streichs durch mit braunem Senfmehl / und se:ussen 
> gesottenem Wein / so wirt es gut und wohl geschmack.
> 10. Seethe pears in sweet grape juice/ take them out on a clean board/ and 
> let cool/ let the juice boil/ until it is thick/ let it also get cold/ 
> press through with brown mustard/ and put the boiled pears in it/ like 
> this it is good and well tasting/ if you wish instead to have a good 
> mustard/ you can crush anise and coriander together/ strain through with 
> brown mustard powder/ and sweet boiled wine/ like this it will be good and 
> well tasting.
> Ranvaig, I think you are correct in saying it is two recipes, one for 
> pears
> in a mustard spice syrup and the other for mustard.  I also think you are
> correct in saying it calls for grape juice rather than cider.  I also note
> that the first recipe calls for brown mustard while the second calls for
> powdered brown mustard.  It occurs to me that the second recipe may be 
> what
> is referred to as Mostrich or French mustard.
> Bear

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