[Sca-cooks] Cranberries and Lingonberries

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I just finished up my latest Living History class, this quarter we were with
the Vikings again, and the last day of class was our Viking Feast.  I found
some lingonberry cider and lingonberry preserves at IKEA, and had them for
the feast.  I made a baked pancake with the preserves, then served some
fresh cheese that I made and a dollop of the preserves on top.  They were
lovely, but almost indistinguishable from cranberries.  They were smaller,
but about the same amount of tart, the same 'pop' in the mouth when you
crunched on them with your teeth ('crunch' is the wrong word, they weren't
crunchy, but still had some resistance to them even in a preserve), and had
about the same amount of astringency.  There was an ever-so-subtle taste
difference, maybe a little less 'citrusy' tone to the lingonberries than to
what I usually associate with cranberries.  

So, you might search for lingonberry recipes and try your fresh cranberries
in those.  The baked pancakes were a big hit, by the way. ;)

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> I have somehow landed about a pound of fresh Cranberries. It was one of
> those "That looks interesting" SNATCH buys.  I have no idea what I was
> thinking. 
> I have no earthly idea what to do with them! 
> I have searched all of the cookbooks I have, only to find variations of
> cranberry sauce. Surely there is more to?this good-for-you fruit?then
> that....
> I would welcome an idea or three....

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