[Sca-cooks] Cranberries and Lingonberries

Barbara Benson voxeight at gmail.com
Tue Nov 25 16:24:31 PST 2008

> some lingonberry cider and lingonberry preserves at IKEA, and had them for
> the feast.  I made a baked pancake with the preserves, then served some
> fresh cheese that I made and a dollop of the preserves on top.  They were
> lovely, but almost indistinguishable from cranberries.


It is amazing how things taste differently to different people. I find
that the lingonberry preserves and juice that I get at IKEA tastes
drastically different from the various preparations of cranberries
that I have had.

I am very sensitive to "bitter" as a flavor and, while I like
cranberries in small amounts I find their tartness to carry a
significant bitterness. The lingonberries are quite tart but they do
not have any of the bitterness that I find in cranberries.

I usually keep a jar of the preserves in the fridge and I have them on
biscuits, toast and as the Jelly in my PB&J. Their taste is much
further forward in the mouth, I do not taste them in the jaw area like
I do cranberries.

Were I to substitute lingonberries for cranberries I would say that
you need to add lemon, but the other way around? I don't know how to
remove bitterness.


Serena da Riva

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