[Sca-cooks] Cooking for Power

Michael Gunter countgunthar at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 26 07:15:06 PST 2008

> Spoken like a true King. 
Or List Admin.
> Your Majesty Gunthar, as the foodie that you are, have you appointed a Royal> Chef? Royal Food Taster? B&V? Any sort of culinary position within your> Court? 
Not really. I did kind of give a "Command Performance" for the cook for our
Coronation. Basically I begged Ly. Elizabeth to do it. 
Usually we just eat the feast at the event and Baroness Alys usually
supplies us with breakfast. We are going to have to figure out what to
do for Gulf Wars. I will probably make some stuff and Seal-A-Meal it but
I'm not going to be feeding 20 people for 5 days this year like we usually
do. I think that our Head of Entourage, Baroness Alys will be the food
co-ordinator at Gulf Wars.
One thing that did amuse me was that we are planning on going a small 
group out west for their Yule Revel and I heard through the grapevine that
the cook was in a bit of a panic because they weren't expecting Royalty
and his fare wasn't up to the standards he figured I'd expect.
The real amusing part is the planned feast exceeds many a Baronial feast
I've had. 
Feast: Spiced beefDried fruit and nutsCheeseBarley beef soupBreadHam Glazed (or Roasted Venison)Savory RiceGarlic and Herb BeefCompostPoullaille FarcieTart of Ember DayBaked Pears 
Although I threatened to crush his little soul by being mean to him, I instead
sent a nice letter telling him he didn't need to worry and we were delighted
with his menu.
About the only real cooking related thing with our reign so far is I'm getting
a lot of food related gifts. Not that I'm complaining!
Let's see so far we've gotten
A very nice bottle of verjus from a commercial winery.
10 year old balsalmic vinegar
infused oils
lots of liqueurs
comb honey
good wine
Cajun coffee (Gleann Abhann is thrilled that my Queen is from New Orleans)
and several other items.
And the reign is just beginning!
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