[Sca-cooks] Cooking for Power

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Has everybody in the world been to that joint?!?

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Actually, no.  I'm not particularly fond of chicory in my coffee unless I am
able to make a true cafe au lait - hot milk and all.  This is Mello Joy
coffee, a rich, dark blend actually marketed as "cajun coffee".  As Gunthar
is fond of telling everyone, I like my coffee strong enough to make your
hair stand on end.

Elizabeth (who also loves Cafe du Monde)

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I would assume that Cajun Coffee would be what they serve in New
Orleans...coffee with chicory.  Has a very different taste from regular
coffee.  It's particularly good made up as Cafe au Lait and served with
beignets!! (fond memories of eating beignets and drinking cafe au lait from
Cafe du Monde while sitting on a deck on the edge of the river!


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