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We make a brew every year when we vacation in the mountains. It is known as Kamp Koffee. It is brewed "cowboy style" by dumping the grounds in the 3 gallon pot and allowing it to boil until we think it is thick enough. First and second day it is just OK, but by the third day of just adding more grounds you can float a horse shoe in it.
Several years ago we lost the lid to the pot and then noticed that there were many gnats, flies, etc zipping back and forth through the flames but when they flew over the coffee pot they just nose-dived down to a watery death. The fumes had killt 'em. We first tried straining the bugs out, but soon it got to where we couldn't really discern the bugs from the grounds and just ingested the extra protein.
Several years ago, a friend came up from the lower camp with cup in hand (big ceramic mug) and asked if we had any "liquid-life" and we said SURE. I got up to pour and had to pour several cups. After receiving hers' adding a spoon of sugar and cremora, we all heard a loud "chink" and the bottom fell out of her mug. Looking through it at us, all she could say is, "can I borrow another mug?".
P.S. I LIKE Turkish coffee

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> > If they haven't, they should.   
> Cafe du Monde is a very famous place.  They market their
> coffee in tins at my local grocery, for instance -- in Los
> Angeles, the other LA!
> > I think South Louisiana is where I learned to Not
> Drink the Coffee-unless you like the thought of not sleeping
> for the next three days! <LOL> We once had a member of
> the church make the coffee for one of the church dinners.
> After the maker stopped, he emptyed the carafe into another
> and put the carafe back...and ran the coffee back through
> the grounds several times.
> > ?He told Dad that the maker made it too weak....
> >   
> Piffle.  They hardly invented Strong Coffee in Louisiana. 
> Every had real Greek or Turkish coffee?  No wonder those
> countries have had such tense negotiations for so many
> centuries.
> Selene
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