[Sca-cooks] Stefan pulls a Drakey

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Fri Nov 28 22:03:29 PST 2008

<<< water is now wonderfully soft, and better for my skin!!  Just  
don't water
your orchids with it!  I lost 4 of the buggers until it was pointed  
out to
me that they don't like the salts that are used in the water softening
process! >>>

<<< Yeah, and don't use it either if you have an aquarium. And, well,
you're not supposed to drink it either, are you? I thought these
things had a special drinking water pipe that didn't go through the
softening process? >>>

Yes, in my mother's previous house out in the country on its own well  
needed a water softener. I think that the faucet in the Kitchen had a  
filter on it. But she had a special line put in that bypassed the  
water softener just for her plants.

One of the chores when I or my brother went out there after my dad  
died was to dump several 50 lb sacks of salt in to the water  
softener.  She moved into Austin a year or two ago when she decided  
she was getting to old to keep that place up.

<<< I don't know why, this brought up images of orange Pennsic  
water... yuck! >>>

Except the extra iron in the Pennsic water is probably better for you  
than the salt from the water softeners, except for people whose salt  
level tends to be low such as my wife. She's one of the few people I  
know of, whom her doctors encourage her to add extra salt to her food!

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