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Suey said:
<<< I talk about changes in water. When walking the Way of St. James,  
I was
advised to drink bottled water and to keep to the same brand as just
changes in brands could upset my stomach. I do not have the references
here but there is a whole book on 'polluted waters' found I think it was
written in the 10th century if my memory is correct. >>>

What is the "Way of St. James"? Is this following the pilgrims path  
in Spain. I do have this Florilegium file on medieval water quality.
bev-water-msg     (30K)  6/11/06    Water as a beverage in period.

If you come across the details of this 10th century book on water  
quality, I'd love to add that information to this file.

<<< The only figure I know who received material benefits through  
was not a cook but a messenger. He was little Jack Horner. He did not
pull out a  plum from the pie he was taking to Henry VIII as a Christmas
present  from the Abbot of Glastonbury but a deed to Mells Manor, common
fare in those days to hide deeds in pies. The descendants still own the
estate. >>>

I've heard that many "nursery" rhymes actually sprung from political  
satires disguised to keep the authors from getting in trouble. I have  
this article on songs, but I would love to have more details on  
whether what we think of as nursery rhymes, also originated that way.

P-Polit-Songs-art  (8K)  7/24/02    "Period Political Songs" by Baron  
                                         Herjolffsen OP.

Including more information on this Jack Horner story. That was quite  
a "plum".  But did simply having possession of the deed also give you  
possession of the property? I'd have thought that all the Abbot would  
have to do was simply say that the deed was meant for the King. Or  
that the deed itself would have had words added to it transferring  
ownership to the King.  Either way, taking something from the King  
would seem to be a rather dangerous thing to do.

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