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Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Sat Nov 29 00:42:56 PST 2008

Helen described "South Louisiana"  coffee:
<<< I grew up in Metarie, just two blocks away from New Orleans Parish.
Cafe Du Monde has a hot chocolate that will spoil you for ANY of the  
boxed stuff. Rich, creamy and chocolatey, we are talking Serious Hot  
Chocolate, here. >>>

ohhhh. Sounds wonderful.

<<< Just imagine, if you will...hot, fresh fried beignets, covered in  
powdered sugar, and hot, rich, wonderful chocolate. What else do you  
need on a cold January evening, right after watching the Sugar Bowl? >>>

Ah, something exciting and wonderful, after something boring and  
dull. :-)

<<< I think South Louisiana is where I learned to Not Drink the  
Coffee-unless you like the thought of not sleeping for the next three  
days! <LOL>  >>>.

Sounds like something useful for Pennsic! or Gulf Wars.  Are you  
going to the upcoming Gulf Wars?  My barony camps next to the Barony  
of Axe Mor, the group from New Orleans.  It would be nice to meet you  
or some of the other folks from there. Perhaps even try some of this  
coffee. I've had regular coffee three times in my life and I thought  
all of it was rather bland and thin and diluted. I did try a Coffee  
Latte(?) for the first time two years ago at one of the Pennsic  
coffee houses and several times at a coffee house here in Austin  
where a friend sings. *That* I like. Coffee but with chocolate and  
some whipped cream.

Gulf War I or II, some group from Louisiana or at least Meridies  
brought crawfish and had a crawfish boil.  This was the first time I  
had more than one or two.  What I ate would have probably cost a  
small fortune at a restaurant.  :-)  It was wonderful!   I have seen  
crawfish start to show up in my local grocery stores at what sound  
like reasonable prices. Until you realize you throw more than half of  
the crawfish away. I think I've seen frozen crawfish tail meat too,  
but I don't remember the price on that.

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