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Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Sat Nov 29 02:00:27 PST 2008

Cailte described her Thanksgiving dinner:

<<< i threw it into a brine w/ oranges, lemons and herbs for
about 4.5 hours thanksgiving a.m., and then roasted it
packed with veggies, citrus and herbs.  kept it covered
for most of the cooking, and then brushed it with orange
sherry butter.   wonderful!  >>>

Did you make this orange sherry butter? Or buy it somewhere? It  
sounds good.

<<< but it was so big, it barely
fit into the pan.  no more 20 pound turkeys for us!  >>>

But think of all that turkey for soup and leftovers and turkey  

In the last few years I decided not to cook a turkey for Thanksgiving  
since we would be going over to relatives for Thanksgiving. I figured  
I'd just wait until after Thanksgiving and buy one on sale and cook  
it then. And have lots of leftovers for sandwiches and such.  
Surprise!  They don't put frozen turkeys on sale. At least not after  
Thanksgiving. ;-(

<<< and all this with a horrible cold that hit me at noon on
wednesday.   my perfect timing as always. >>>

I hope you are feeling better now.

<<< we had the turkey, sausage-chestnut-mushroom stuffing,
gravy (w/ a bit of sherry), mashed yams, green bean
casserole (a la alton, but my white sauce was a bit too
thick), and cranberry sauce (half sugar, half splenda,
perfect consistency). >>>

What is your recipe for the sausage-chestnut-mushroom stuffing? I  
don't think I've seen chestnuts on sale yet though.

<<< happy leftovers everybody!!!!! >>>

Well, not much turkey and dressing leftovers since we ate at the  
relatives again this year.

I created a "southwestern-style" Strata for our contribution and have  
a fair amount of that leftover. A regular strata from an online  
recipe, but I used Mexican style chorizo sausage, mushrooms and sharp  
cheddar cheese in it. Also some mild, chopped green chilis in  
addition to the scallions/green onions that the original called for.   
I tried "Wardens in wine sauce" for a dessert and my only medieval  
style item.  It wasn't as sweet and flavorable as I would have liked.  
It may have been because I had to settle for some red wine I had  
rather than port.  The grocery wouldn't sell me the port since it was  
10 pm and apparently they can't sell "higher alcohol" wines after 9  
pm. even though it was on the shelf.  (@##$$%%!!  blue laws in this  
state. At least I'm not in Waco).  The left overs of these will go to  
the Thanksgiving/Birthday dinner with the other half of our family on  

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