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Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Sun Nov 30 00:15:57 PST 2008

Maire commented:

<<< I bet it's good! I like really dark, strong coffee! I hadn't  
heard, though,
until reading this thread, that LA coffee *didn't* necessarily have  
Funny, isn't it? what we come to "expect" because we don't know better?
That's a good reason I love this list so much! >>>

And why I often ask all those "dumb" questions. I thought it might be  
the addition of chicory, but I couldn't remember the name of it.  
Hasn't chicory also been used at times by itself as a coffee  
replacement? Once again though the answer turns out to be more  
complex than I first expected.

<<< Of course, I like really dark chocolate, too....mmmm.....having  
some now
(chocolate, not coffee--not at this hour, at any rate!) >>>

My solution for that is dark chocolate covered coffee beans, which my  
local, regular grocery store (HEB) now carries. But if you suck off  
the chocolate and then chew the beans they don't taste as good...

Now another question. It was said in another message:
<<< Mmmmmm....Lebanese coffee.....mmmmmm
--Maire, doing a Homer Simpson imitation.... >>>

What makes Lebanese coffee unique compared to other coffees?

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