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The coffee to which I was referring is a fairly dark roast, very, very 
finely ground (almost powdery), and it has cardamom in it.  If I'm not 
mistaken, it's prepared in a fashion similar to Turkish coffee--water and 
coffee and sugar in a special brass pot.  You drink tiny, tiny cups of it, 
and have to watch for the sludge at the bottom of the cup!
My friends and I like the taste enough that we'll often sprinkle a bit of 
the coffee on our regular coffee grounds prior to brewing.  And my bad--I 
misnamed it.  I know it as "bedouin coffee" and not "lebanese coffee." 

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> Now another question. It was said in another message:
> <<< Mmmmmm....Lebanese coffee.....mmmmmm
> --Maire, doing a Homer Simpson imitation.... >>>
> What makes Lebanese coffee unique compared to other coffees?
> Stefan 

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