[Sca-cooks] soup chicken recipes

Daniel Schneider macbrighid at campus.ie
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One thing I do is to dry-fry some black mustard seeds, then add some butter/oil and saute 1-3 sliced onions, add the chicken, 1-2 cans of coconut milk, and a bunch of curry powder, and simmer for a while. about 5 min before serving, I throw in some sliced banana, and serve over salty rice


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> Chicken leg quarters were on sale, so now I have a large pot of soup,
> and about a quart of shredded (falling-apart) chicken meat.  I know
> what to do with the soup.  I'd like suggestions about what to do with
> the chicken, other than dumping it back into the soup.  I'd like
> suggestions on what to do with the chicken.  It's not as flavorful as
> it might be, because I let the soup simmer a long time, but it's still
> edible.  Googling "chicken leftovers" brings up results for leftover
> roast chicken.
> So suggestions?  Could be period or modern.  No real food restrictions.
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