[Sca-cooks] What the tourist cannot know

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Fri Oct 10 17:20:42 PDT 2008

Right now a friend of mine is in Spain and he periodically mails me 
asking where to go in Burgos or Soria or whatever. I have been a little 
sharp with him. - 'You don't go to that over priced piece of junk but 
there etc. or no, I do not know where you are going, I have never been 
there.' - He asks me cause I am Spanish. At the same time some of you 
came out with places around Cincinnati so I sent on your info to a 
friend there. He replied he had spent many a happy week-end at that Jim 
or whatever its called.
He also added that as my Merrill Lynch consultant for years and years 
perhaps some of you would like to make money instead of loosing money in 
the states. My account increased due to his personal attention last 
year.  I guess Gunther I cannot advertise on line but if anyone is 
interested please contact me personally so I can give you this info on 
the miracle worker, so far.
Anyway my idea is to create a Stefan file 'what the tourist cannot know' 
which can include an off beat restaurant on the way to Puerto . . .or an 
off beat beautiful place on the way to ??? or perhaps that Merrill Lynch 
gentleman or a travel agent who makes it possible to finance that trip 
to your favorite place or wherever . . .!!

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