[Sca-cooks] What the tourist cannot know

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Mon Oct 13 09:52:37 PDT 2008

That suggestion about a Florilegium topic makes some sense.  Stefan 
keeps the topics to historical subjects but on the other hand, the 
"Travel" section includes: "SCA-by-train Traveling to SCA events by 
train"  and  "SCA-transport Typical and unusual SCA vehicles and 
transportation." Therefore, present-day travel tips are OK as long as 
they pertain to the SCA somehow.

How about travel suggestions for historical-type destinations of 
specific interest to SCA members?  A lot of these don't make the typical 
guide books.   For example:  the most recent Known World Heraldic 
Symposium was in London this year and the locals had some excellent 
excursions arranged for the visiting heralds.


Suey wrote:
> Right now a friend of mine is in Spain and he periodically mails me 
> asking where to go in Burgos or Soria or whatever. I have been a 
> little sharp with him. - 'You don't go to that over priced piece of 
> junk but there etc. or no, I do not know where you are going, I have 
> never been there.' - He asks me cause I am Spanish. At the same time 
> some of you came out with places around Cincinnati so I sent on your 
> info to a friend there. He replied he had spent many a happy week-end 
> at that Jim or whatever its called.
> He also added that as my Merrill Lynch consultant for years and years 
> perhaps some of you would like to make money instead of loosing money 
> in the states. My account increased due to his personal attention last 
> year.  I guess Gunther I cannot advertise on line but if anyone is 
> interested please contact me personally so I can give you this info on 
> the miracle worker, so far.
> Anyway my idea is to create a Stefan file 'what the tourist cannot 
> know' which can include an off beat restaurant on the way to Puerto . 
> . .or an off beat beautiful place on the way to ??? or perhaps that 
> Merrill Lynch gentleman or a travel agent who makes it possible to 
> finance that trip to your favorite place or wherever . . .!!
> Suey
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