[Sca-cooks] OOP canning adventures

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Tue Oct 14 07:19:02 PDT 2008

Cheap lemons? oh, sigh!!!
It must be that time of year, indeed....my kitchen is cluttered with canning 
junk right now.  I did up another batch of spiced mustard, a batch of 
pomegranate jelly, a batch of rose/cherry jelly, and a batch of sage/apple 
jelly.  (All intended as donations to our baronage's largesse "fund"). 
Hoping to do tomatoes this weekend....
I used to do a ferocious amount of canning and freezing when I was a kid--we 
had a huge garden, a root cellar, two full-size freezers, and a lot of 
shelves in the basement for canned goods.  I miss that...I've got a tiny 
"hobby" garden now, and no room to store canned goods or have a freezer....

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> How fun.
> I had a similar experience this weekend.
> Lemons were on sale REALLY cheap so I got two large bags
> (approximately 24 lemons) and several boxes of salt and now salted
> lemons curing in the garage.
> Canning will take place later this year.
> I think the act of preservation (in many different forms) is a huge
> turn on!
> David
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