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<<< Also, as was under discussion in this house last night, *Label  
Contents, ingredients, and, if you would like, who from/who made it.  
Sile was saying, "You don't know if this bottle contains a nice homebrew
beer, mead, wine, or some vile liquid without a label, and you're  
afraid to

Though I will say, I find it an amusing game to Name This Beverage.

who needs to go take her own advice and label the cordials. >>>

I recently added this article to the Florilegium. While it is written  
with beverages in mind, I think a lot of the ideas would probably  
extend to things like jellies and pastes as well. This is in the  
BEVERAGE section;

bev-labels-art    (10K)  6/15/08    "How to Make Labels (and What to  
Put on
                                        Them)" by Freiherr Johann von
                                        Drachenfels, OL, OP.

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