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sisuile wrote:
>Also, as was under discussion in this house last night, *Label Them*.
>Contents, ingredients, and, if you would like, who from/who made it.

Definitely label it - name of item, full list of ingredients, who 
made it (it's good for them to know for a variety of reasons - no 
false modesty here), and *when it was made*.

The date really can matter. Some things keep well. Some things 
improve with age. Some things need to be eaten within a comparatively 
short time.

Several of us once spent the night at a certain duke's house, and he 
and his lady took down a HUGE number of cordial bottles that they 
have been gifted with over the years, but not tried. They hadn't yet 
tried them because of some previous experiences when some they had 
tried were... how shall i say... less than delicious.

So the whole bunch of us guinea pigs sat around taking little sips, 
separating the ones that were worth trying again from the ones that 
tasted like medicine or worse, saving the duke and duchess from 
sullying their lips... and guts :-0 More than one person tasted each 
one, since different people have a different sense of taste and 
different preferences.

If it's something that should be used in a fairly short period of 
time, specify the dates as well. If you've made a cordial that is not 
yet fully aged, say so on the label and specify the date at which you 
think it will be worth drinking - that is month, date, and year - not 
just "in 3 months" since the royals may discover the bottle at a 
future time and not know 3 months from when.

And your name on the item is good, since someone may ask you for more :-)
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