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As promised sometime back here's a list of some forthcoming
fall 08- winter 09
titles that might be of interest to readers of this list.
They cover a full range of topics.
I've included details, descriptions or links where I have them.
A number of the lists I used didn't record prices possibly because
they were not yet set.

have fun,



Decadent Desserts: Recipes from Chateau Vaux-le-Vicomte by
the Countess Cristina de Vogüé.
The Chateau was in part the inspiration for Versailles and was once the
home of Vatel who oversaw its kitchens from 1653 to 1661.
 From what I can gather the recipes are modern, but it's supposed to
have rather splendid food photography. Worth a look anyway for those
of us that like dessert books.

Food historian Ivan Day has a new book coming out. It's titled:
Publication Date - 11th November 2008
Or you can check out the book also at
There are new editions appearing:

  These include a new edition of Roman Cookery: Ancient Recipes for
Modern Kitchens  (Paperback) by Mark Grant
   coming in November. *Paperback:* 192 pages
  Serif Publishing; 2 Rev Upd edition (November 15, 2008)

Also there's a new edition of

*Hearthside Cooking: Early American Southern Cuisine Updated for Today's
Hearth and Cookstove (Hardcover) *
by Sandra Oliver (Foreword), author is Nancy Carter Crump
I loved this book when it came out originally in 1986.
I saw Sandy Oliver in person in September and she told me that this new
edition has lots more recipes and practical advice. The first edition
was great source for advice on open hearth cookery. I am sure that this
one will also be a practical guide for anyone wanting to pursue
cookery over an open fire.

  A History of Foodby Maguelonne Toussaint-Samat
  768 pages Wiley-Blackwell; 2nd edition (November 3, 2008)
*ISBN-10:* 1405181192
· *ISBN-13:* 978-1405181198
This is a "New expanded edition of a classic book" with "a new foreword
by acclaimed food writer Betty Fussell, a preface by the author, updated
bibliography, and a new chapter bringing the story up to date; New
edition in jacketed hardback, with c.70 illustrations and a new glossy
color plate section."


Pancake: A Global History
by Ken Albala  is part of the new series called Edible by Reaktion Books
that is being released on individual dishes or food items. I have the
set on order but it's not shipped yet. Other titles are Hamburger: A
Global History
by Andrew F. Smith and Pizza: A Global History
by Carol Helstosky
These are $15.95 list but are being heavily discounted.

*Savage Barbecue: Race, Culture, and the Invention of America's First
Food by Andrew Warnes  208 pages*.* University of Georgia Press (1 Aug 
2008)I haven't seen a copy
yet, but the descriptions are promising:
Savage Barbecue: Race, Culture, and the Invention of America's First
Food by Andrew Warnes. This is a University of Georgia Press volume and
is available in both hardcover and paperback.
It's described as "Starting with Columbus's journals in 1492, Warnes
shows how the perception of barbecue evolved from Spanish colonists'
first fateful encounter with natives roasting iguanas and fish over
fires on the beaches of Cuba. European colonists linked the new food to
a savagery they perceived in American Indians, ensnaring
barbecue in a growing web of racist attitudes about the New World.
Warnes also unearths the etymological origins of the word barbecue,
including the early form barbacoa; its coincidental similarity to
barbaric reinforced emerging stereotypes."
May be very interesting or it may be too academic ?

*The Good Wife's Guide (Le Menagier De Paris): A Medieval Household Book
(Hardcover) *
by Donald Phillip Verene (Editor), Gina L. Greco (Translator) 408 pages.
**Cornell University Press (Feb 2009) *ISBN-10:* 0801447380. *ISBN-13:*
paperback and hardcover


*The Dining Nobility: From the Burgundian Dukes to the Belgian Royalty
(Paperback) edited
by Paul Janssens, Siger Zeischka  270 pages.
ASP-VUB Press (Dec 2008). *ISBN-10:* 9054874694 · *ISBN-13:* 978-9054874690
Presenting a rare glimpse into the dining rooms of Belgian nobility from
the Middle Ages to modern times, by professors and specialists in the
field. A bilingual collection—presented in both English and
French—creates a wonderfully rich portrait of the past, from the dukes
of Burgundy to Belgian royalty.


*Plenti and Grase: Food and Drink in a Sixteenth-century Household
by Mark Dawson 400 pages. Prospect Books (1 Nov 2008). 1903018560.
· *ISBN-13:* 978-1903018569

*Synopsis* This is an important study of the household affairs -
especially as they
relate to the provisioning and consumption of food and drink - of the
Willoughby family of Wollaton Hall in Nottingham and Middleton Hall in
Warwickshire. Made wealthy by inheritance, coal mining and iron
smelting, they built a Tudor wonder-house at Wollaton, designed by the
architect Robert Smythson.


*A Revolution in Taste: The Rise of French Cuisine, 1650 to 1800: *by Susan
Pinkard  336 pages. ·Cambridge University Press; 1 edition (31 Oct 2008)
0521821991*. * 978-0521821995
*Chocolate: Pathway to the Gods with DVD *by Meredith L. Dreiss and
  Sharon Edgar Greenhill
· 208 pages. University of Arizona Press (15 Oct 2008)
3,000 years of the history of chocolate.

*Milk: The Surprising Story of Milk Through the Ages *by Anne Mendelson
  352 pages. Knopf Publishing Group (7 Oct 2008)
Part cookbook—with more than 120 enticing recipes—part culinary history,
part inquiry into the evolution of an industry, Milk is a one-of-a-kind
book that will forever change the way we think about dairy products.
Anne Mendelson is the author of Stand Facing the Stove.

*Bread: A Slice Of History (Paperback) by John Marchant
and Bryan Reuben and Joan P. Alcock
240 pages. Tempus Publishing Ltd//The History Press(Oct 2008 in the UK
and out in the USA
as of January 2009)authoritative overview of the most important of


Food Culture in Scandinavia *Author:* Henry Notaker
December 2008 *Publisher:Greenwood Press
Food Culture in Scandinavia covers Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and
Iceland's unique and common foodways, all in the context of significant
recent changes. This is the most exhaustive overview available in
English with all the latest insight.

Not Bread Alone: The Uses of Food in the Old Testament *Author:* Nathan
January 2009 Oxford University Press, $110.00
This is an academic title, so check with your college library.
Not Bread Alone is the first detailed and wide-ranging examination of
food and its symbolism in the Old Testament and the world of ancient
Israel. Many of these symbols are very well-known, such as the forbidden
fruit in the Garden of Eden, the abominable pig and the land flowing
with milk and honey.


Entertaining from Ancient Rome to the Super Bowl [Two Volumes]
*Author: *Adamson, Melitta Weiss et al. *Publisher: *Greenwood
Publishing Group, Incorporated * *0-313-33957-0
*** *Oct 2008 *Price: *$199.95 **
664 pages http://www.greenwood.com/catalog/GR3957.aspx
This a two-volume reference set for libraries. Entries tell the history
of wedding and religious customs, holidays and
modern day get togethers. Entries on
Ancient Rome, Medieval entertaining,  etc.

A Revolution in Taste: The Rise of French Cuisine *Author:* Susan
Pinkard  September 2008 (Confirmed) *Publisher:* Cambridge
University Press
a history of the new French cooking from its origins in the 1650s
through the emergence of cuisine bourgeoise and the original nouvelle
cuisine in the decades before 1789. This book also discusses the
evolution of culinary techniques and includes historical recipes adapted
for today's kitchens.

Ricelands: The World of South-East Asian Food
Freeman, Michael *Publisher: *Reaktion Books, Limited *ISBN or
UPC: *1-86189-378-7 (Active Record)
Sep 2008 *Price: *$35.00
Award-winning photographer and writer Michael Freeman now offers here an
all-encompassing guide to the cuisines of eight Southeast Asian countries.
Northern Illinois University has these books out--

*The Early American Table: Food and Society in the New World by Trudy Eden

*Recipes for Russia: Food and Nationhood Under the Tsars [Import]
by Alison K. Smith
came out in February 2008


  Culinary Arts in Late Ming China: Refinement, Secularization and
  Nourishment (Hardcover) by Su Heng-An

is turning up in historical culinary searches in UK sources and is
mentioned as covering 1600-1700. *Format:* Hardback 247 pages September
2008 SMC Publishing Inc *ISBN:
9789576386428 no reviews or other information available*

Contact me for more information.


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