[Sca-cooks] OOP canning adventures

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Tue Oct 14 13:24:56 PDT 2008

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(T-minus four days to an actual  kitchen!!!)

You too??   Four weeks ago some friends tore out my cabinets to  put in 
new.....they STILL aren't done!   the walls had to be torn out  and reshimmed, the 
wiring had to be redone, the plumbing under the sink had to  be updated..and 
the current heating pipes had to be moved!   Then  there is the cabinet that 
won't fit thru the door...haven't figured that one out  yet...and the finale is 
the pantry cabinet that is 85" tall...and the kitchen is  80".   It's been 
fun.  I got a great deal of my canning out of  the way before "teardown"..but my 
garden is dying and I wanted to do one last  batch of tomatoes!   (and try 
that green tomato chutney posted  earlier!)

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