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> Margaret
> (T-minus four days to an actual  kitchen!!!)
> You too??   Four weeks ago some friends tore out my cabinets to  put in
> new.....they STILL aren't done!   the walls had to be torn out  and reshimmed, the
> wiring had to be redone, the plumbing under the sink had to  be updated..and
> the current heating pipes had to be moved!   Then  there is the cabinet that
> won't fit thru the door...haven't figured that one out  yet...and the finale is
> the pantry cabinet that is 85" tall...and the kitchen is  80".   It's been
> fun.  I got a great deal of my canning out of  the way before "teardown"..but my
> garden is dying and I wanted to do one last  batch of tomatoes!   (and try
> that green tomato chutney posted  earlier!)
> Etain

Well, apparently "my" faucet is on backorder, so they were going to put in 
a temporary faucet, now I think the sink is *also* on backorder, but 
everything ELSE will be done Friday. We gutted the kitchen and I get a new 
6-burner Jenn-Air gas cooktop with a pot-filler, two (TWO!!!) ovens 
(electric), a new fridge, a new dishwasher, and a granite baking counter. 
And cork flooring. And lights!! Lots of lights! And a pull-out pantry 
which will probably become the spice cabinet. And did I mention the 
6-burner cooktop?

Margaret the-not-excited-at-all-no-sirree-bob

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