[Sca-cooks] Forthcoming titles Fall 2008 LONG

Barbara Benson voxeight at gmail.com
Tue Oct 14 14:00:43 PDT 2008

I know that the online Hinson translation has food info in it that is
not included in the Powers version. I find the majority of the Powers
translation to be fascinating, not just the food parts. The sections
on ordering the household and how to plan parties/weddings can be very

I am very interested to see what this adds.

Serena da Riva

On Tue, Oct 14, 2008 at 4:24 PM, Sandra Kisner <sjk3 at cornell.edu> wrote:
>> *The Good Wife's Guide (Le Menagier De Paris): A Medieval Household Book
>> (Hardcover) *

> This one intrigues me.  The website emphasizes that this is the first
> *complete* English translation.  I know of Eileen Powers' translation, and
> know there's been another (I forget the author's name), but wasn't aware
> that neither was complete.  Does anyone know what might have been left out?
>  If it isn't cooking-related, it might be a "take it from the library" book
> rather than a "buy my own copy" book.
> Sandra

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