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Tue Oct 14 14:16:03 PDT 2008

Another excellent food show (and one of potential interest to SCA cooks)
from (I think) KQED is "Hidden Kitchens" by the "Kitchen Sisters"-- the two
hosts travel the country and finds kitchens and kitchen stories in places
you might not expect -- one of their stories is the NASCAR kitchens (the
travelling kitchens that feed the drivers and pitcrews) one is about
harvesting wild rice in Michigan (and the food cooperative associated with
it), one was about the origins of Ricearoni (which is apparently a third
hand version of an Armenian pialaf -- and the first prepackaged side dish),
and on the historical side, things like the Chili Queens of San Antonio. By
their definition, all SCA feasts (and most kitchens at camping events) are
hidden kitchens.

Website, with a number of the stories, is

The Kitchen Sisters encourage their listeners/readers to send them stories
and suggestions. 

toodles, margaret

--On Tuesday, October 14, 2008 1:18 PM -0700 Lilinah
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> Well, i can make a plug for a local TV show here in the San Francisco Bay
> area, aired on our PBS channel.
> It's called "Check, Please! Bay Area". On each show three "ordinary"
> locals pick their favorite restaurant, then all three people visit all
> three restaurants, and have a discussion about them. Sometimes everyone
> is happy with all three, sometimes people can have very strong opinions
> or particular expectations.
> Most of the restaurants are in the $15 to $30 per meal range ($30 is
> moderate for a nice restaurant). Some are extraordinarily expensive - so
> either for the well-heeled or the confirmed foodie. A few are not cheap
> but are memorable and unusual experiences, like the restaurant that's out
> in the Bay on a boat.
> Apparently it's a spin-off of a show that originated in Chicago, on the
> Chicago area PBS station. And there's also a spin-off show for South
> Florida.
> For the San Francisco Bay area show:
> http://www.kqed.org/checkplease
> and
> http://www.kqed.org/tv/programs/index.jsp?pgmid=14084
> (not quite the same pages)
> Show segments are viewable on-line.
> Although most restaurants are in San Francisco, the others are located
> all around the Bay, sometimes even a bit of a drive north. Many are
> neighborhood restaurants, and probably don't show up in guide books,
> although many do turn up in Zagat guides.
> Zagat publishes restaurant guides for a few specific US cities - here
> it's the whole Bay area, but listed on their site under "San Francisco" -
> based on recommendations by locals, so they're useful for anyone spending
> a few days in certain major US cities.
> http://www.zagat.com
> I gather they also have hotel guides, too, although I've never seen one.
> Someone sometimes called Urtatim

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