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It's not so much what the local TV station wants to advertise, but
rather which restaurants want to pay for TV advertising. Quite a few
small places don't want to, or cant afford that sort of advertising,
although they might publish daily specials in the local newspaper, or
perhaps sponsor, or help sponsor, some doings in the own or county
they're in. And, some of these places are small enough, and have been
around long enough that everybody in the area knows about them.

I remember in SE Ohio, before many of the big chains moved in,
generaly the best way to find a good local restaurant (my job required
me to travel all over the SE Ohio area) was to stop in some little bar
somewhere. While they certainly would serve whatever alcoholic
beverages were lawful in that area, quite often they'd have absolutely
wonderful lunch specials. One of them was called The Willows, on rt 40
between Zanesville and Cambridge, which was handy if you were working
either county. Another was called little Tijuana, which had two
locations, one in Zanesville, the other in Cambridge, and served great
Tex-Mex food. None of thewse places looked like much- semi run-doe\wn
converted residences, with a couple neon signs in the window, but
working folks could stop in and get a beer or a good cup of coffee,
and a great lunch, with trimmings.

On Tue, Oct 14, 2008 at 5:55 PM, Suey <lordhunt at gmail.com> wrote:
> Lilinah wrote the below which I consider cool. You guys are so far ahead of
> us in foreign countries. My US college roommate and I went to a local
> restaurant two years ago between Houston and Galveston and we had the best
> meal on earth. I don't remember the name of the village or the place. She
> took her boyfriend back there and could not find it.
> Sometimes even in the US we are not as organized as we want to be. Writing
> down the name of the place, the town et al  is  bit different from the local
> tv show, its about where you were, what you enjoyed, not what your local tv
> wants to advertize.
> Suey

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