[Sca-cooks] OOP: Swedish translation, please

Sharron Albert morgana at gci.net
Fri Oct 17 22:03:52 PDT 2008


Awhile ago, a friend was given a McCormicks spice mix from Sweden. We 
were trying to translate, so we knew what the spices were, but failed.

Can anyone tell us what we have? And how it was expected to be used 
(baking, on meats, etc.)?

This is what the label says:

innehall: (umlaut over the a)
+ mjan, salvia, peppar (okay, pepper), koriander (that one was 
obvious even to us-G), ochandra orter (umlaut over the o).

Fyra Frydder
A nuands till:
fisk-, kott- (umlaut o), lever-, nujroch 
gro(umlaut)nsaks-ra(umlaut)tter, soppor, skaidjurso(umlaut)attur, 
fa(umlaut)rser och alla finare viltsaser (single dot over the a).

At least, that's how I decipher my notes. I'd've put the umlauts in, 
but not all servers talk to each other well...

Thanks for whatever help you can give. It was quite tasty.

Morgana yr Oerfa
Wit is educated insolence. -Aristotle, philosopher (384-322 BCE)

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