[Sca-cooks] trying to refind source

rene chaisson renechaisson at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 26 08:11:33 PDT 2008

I made a wonderful lemon wine sauce for carbonados from  Frantz de Rontzier: Kunstbuch von mancherley Essen / Gesotten /
 Gebraten / Posteten / von Hirschen / Vogelen / Wildprat / und anderen
 Schawessen / so auff Fuerstlichen / und anderen Pancketen zuzurichten
 gehöricht ("An artful book of many foods, boiled, roasted, and pastries, of
 harts, poultry, venison and other show dishes that are properly prepared for
 princely and other banquets"), Wolfenbüttel 1598, pp. 121-127. I didn't save the web info, but I remember there being over 20 different sauces that could be used and now can't find the link. Can't afford 350$ for the book itself, so shouting out for help.


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